Saturday, April 28, 2012

Losing Weight is Hard to Do

Why does losing weight always have to be so hard? Well this time, for me, it wasn't! The weight loss was truly amazing - hard for me to believe.

Many mornings I've had to stand on the scale twice (three times this morning) to make sure my eyes (or wishful thinking) were not deceiving me.

I've lost 8.2 pounds, in 5 weeks!
Have not starved myself, have not had any hardships. I've done it all with a delicious shake mix that is so versatile, I can make it into anything I am in the mood to have... want chocolate, no problem, something fruity, okay! Maybe something sweet, you got it!

Somehow, the makers at ViSalus created the most versatile meal platform yet.

And I even get to eat "real" food too.

After struggling for years, Body by Vi has been the way to go for me. It's not the #1 fitness and weight-loss platform in North America for nothing!

God bless.

New Website Announcement

Our team is rolling out a new website... Check us out at
God bless.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Body by Vi

Whether you're trying to lose weight, bulk up for weight training, gain energy or just plain get healthy, Body by Vi has something for you :)

Contact us to find out more information at

We wish you success in all your endeavors.

God bless.
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