Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Weight loss simplified

   As a pharmacist, I have come across many products that promise the world when it comes to weight loss and feeling good.  A pill that will melt the fat away, protein powders that are "God awful" tasting and of course all of those metabolism boosters that do nothing more than give you that clammy, sweaty, racing heart  feeling, which happens to make you believe it is working for you!  Trust me I have tried many and the only thing I lost was money out of my wallet.

     I came across the Body by Vi 90 day challenge and I have to tell you I am a believer!!  In just 5 weeks so far I have dropped close to 10 lbs and I have never felt better!  I have been drinking just 1 meal replacement shake a day and haven't really changed anything else.   I will never give up pizza, pasta and hamburgers!!  Ha ha  Regardless, I have still dropped the weight and I am continuing to lose!  

    For those that don't know me, I am very particular about my food and I will not eat or drink just anything, it has to be GOOD!  The shakes are the best taking shakes I have ever come across,  you can blend them with fruit or whatever you like.  Sometimes in a pinch I will just put 2 scoops in a cup of skim milk add a flavor pack and shake it up.  Deeeeelicious!!  (FYI, to me skim milk by itself is gross, but I tried it with the Vi Shape Shake mix and it is Great tasting!!  Of course, the wife is mad that I am all of a sudden drinking all of her milk!) :) There are many other great products that are offered, one in particular is "Neuro" it is an vitamin packing energy mix that you pour in your water bottle to give you a boost at the gym or office!  

   Again, I never thought this could be so easy Thank you ViSalus and the Body by Vi Challenge

Good luck to all and all the best



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